Monday, May 16, 2022

What happened to our understanding of strength?

 What happened to our understanding of strength?


Strength without violence is the only strength. The other one is weakness.

Derivatives of this weakness are corruption, and dogmas which both feed on oppression and secrecy. And both are tools to control, fueled by fear.

Therefore, to manage them we need (i) tools to avoid (or get out of) our fears and (ii) transparency. As a bonus, both (i) and (ii) feed each other. And we need to be able to thrive on a  path of patient communication.

Eigenvielfalt training is a way to learn to engage and thrive with diversity & change, which in turns allows for diversity to flourish and become transparent.


A note: Dogmas are centered on an ego that hides behind a "we" that exploits/abuse the "non-we". In this sense, a spirituality/science/culture that welcomes the "other" is not a dogma. One that does not accept the other (diversity) is a dogma. Dogmas are found everywhere in small (at home, peers, work, sports) and in big (religions, nationalism, corporatism) and are a source of great sufferings (both human and environmental).


Monday, January 17, 2022






If your goal is not even to live but to reproduce, then you are a virus. If your goal is not to live nor to reproduce but to convert then you are a prion. Ant the long list of existences beyond our realm goes on.

That being said, It is sad and destructive to limit oneself to these goals. If you are focused on revenge consider what giving back harm is, the same. Creative cooperation and care leads you to a better self, while giving yourself all the means to achieve it the best way possible. One of those means is Eigenvielfalt training.

Sunday, January 16, 2022





The notion of “Open Stance” refers to the abilities to (i) form an opinion with all facts available and (ii) communicate it with open-mindedness.


With this concept, it is not only a possibility, but it becomes a responsibility for every one of us to take an open stance, whenever we can. Not taking this responsibility leaves an open space, which is gladly taken by those with “Closed stance”.


“Closed Stance” allows anyone to say anything in a closed-minded way. “Closed Stance” is the destructive tool that allows false politicians and executives, populists, extremists, sexists, and an array of other “‘ists” to justify oppression, control, violence, exploitation, and abuse. All leading to individual and societal suffering.


If every one of us live our “Open Stance” whenever we can (after working on it), communication and especially social media contribution will slowly become constructive. Unfortunately, despite all the good stuff it has allowed, social media has become a destructive force as we use it predominantly as a ventil for our frustration. Acknowledging the many life reasons for frustration, a close stance approach will not deliver on what we yearn. Obscene inequalities fed by a false understanding of merit has brought a significant portion of the Gauss to linger in a non-sentient form of frustration, desto the onslaught of Social Media destructiveness. But the corrective for these dystopian inequalities does not lay in vulgar and naive complaints but in a daily patient creative embrace of the “other”, until the “other” is no longer the “other” anymore. Not “A”, not “B”, but “C”…


All what is needed is for you to take an open stance on a thematic of your mindheart. Then the next one will find the courage to do her/is Open Stance. It takes very little courage to do so if you have the tools to live your open stance. The practice of Eigenvielfalt is one of those tools.


Friday, February 28, 2020

Ethical views on Covid-19&20

Ethical views on Covid-19&20

The future world/country management of Covid-19 is an opportunity for practicing ethical Swarmship. The choices are:
i) restrain movements/activities OR
ii) focus on the treatment.
Of course, one tends to say that we need both, but this is false depending on who you are. If you are a parent, your ethical choice is to protect yourself and your children from any risk of contamination.  That is an ethical choice supporting (i), the restriction of movements. If you are a governmental decider, the ethical choice is not the same. By choosing to restrain movement, one brings the economy to slow down significantly, as it has already started. This will be a source of important sufferings and violence worldwide, which by far will go beyond the sufferings associated with 2% mortality caused by Covid-19. By focusing on treatment, you might have the impression that you allow the infection to spread but Covid-19 is so infectious that, similar to Influenza, controlling its spread is not possible, only reducing individual risk of infection (ex. hand disinfection, masks, individual behavioral changes) is possible. IA quarantine might have been possible at the very beginning when less than 100 individuals were infected in one location, but it is by far not possible anymore.

By choosing to focus solely on treatment and individual hygiene, you avoid a significant economical collapse, which is in itself positive for health globally. The issue is that it takes political courage to take this ethical choice, and most politicians do not have that political courage as their very existence depends on being liked. Nevertheless, the ethical question is should one be seen as trying to stop a virus that will cause 2% mortality but as a collateral generate an economic collapse, which will cause far more damage that a 2 % mortality or should politicians focus on treatment and personal hygiene? Politically speaking, not having done everything to stop Covid-19 spread might be seen so politically incorrect, especially by those who will be directly or indirectly affected by family’s and friend’s mortality. To be able to say “we have done everything to stop the viral spread within our country” is a protection against populism backlash, even if the politicians knew that it was impossible to achieve and that indeed economic collapse was the real threat. As for the economic collapse, politicians will be able to argue that this economic collapse is just a consequence of having tried to stop the spread of the infection and, of course, they will be excused. Yet, the ethical decision is clear. Will it be taken? I very much doubt so, even with all the biological facts, because we are not the fact-based society we like to pretend to be: the lack of management of the global warming crisis comes to mind. Yet, should a misinformed public opinion based on fear be the driver? Should not, but remember we were not able to stop Brexit. The future will tell if this time we learned, or how long it will take to learn.

Monday, July 8, 2019

The easy path to a human capitalism

I have been postponing this blog for a long time. Let's say several voices have expressed that they really do not like the following few lines.
The first argument is that most society accepts de facto that gains of any form (especially money and power) should be based on a meritocratic system (not existing wealth, nor family ties, nor corruption). Additionally, societies should agree on what constitute merit. Wealth, violence, deception should probably not. Creativity, courage, passion, determination, societal responsibility, empathy probably should or Even in such a system gains can exceed what I like to call an obscene level. To address this, each society should consider what is acceptable and what is not. For example, a region will consider that an interval from $1,000 to $10Mi/year is humanly acceptable, another will consider that the interval should be $10,000 to 10,000Mi/month. At the end of the day, if the decision is transparent and a reflection of the people it represents, than it has to be OK, but the absence of limit leads to our societal fabric disintegrating as populism is used as acid.
We already have a way to implement this limit and it is called a tax system.
The problem is that we still have a royal tax system, that is, richness is not taxed proportionally. We do tax proportionally between say 10,000 per year until 50,000 per year, but then something strange happens, the rate of taxes stays the same. additionally, such capital is often finding ways to avoid taxation altogether. We argue here that the right to a nationality should be linked to an obligation to declare one own revenues in a single location. The form of the relationship between income and individual tax can also be a function of a society, but at the end of the day there must not be a refuge for the obscene, neither in another country or within one own country by capping the % over a certain income. I would argue that there is a maximum at which income becomes obscene, therefore personally, b) is what we should strive for, progressively. I would also argue that for the private sector, taxes should be in function of the cost to the environment or to society (people). Finally, and for fear mongers, this is in no shape or form communism. Communism as model did not work and even China and Russia know it. People need acknowledgement for certain merit, we are biologically built that way. The two essential points made here are (i) we have to decide as a society which merit we support, and (ii) in addition to point (i) there is an income level that is socially unacceptable, this income level is at the source of many sufferings and destroys the societal fabric, an income level beyond which any donation/foundation can not repair the damage done.

a) a society with a log tax function (progressive but making sure that the capping does not occur before the highest income)
b) a society with an exponential tax function (Rapid, which allows for the determination of an unacceptable income beyond which all will be a donation called tax)

c) a society with a sigmoid tax function (rapid in the middle, which is a bit of what we have but without capping at 40K but say at 10Mi)

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A post for sapiens sapiens' survival

  • What would a New Societal Contract look like? 

There are country specific aspects and there are global aspects. For the global aspects certain powers have to be at a global level to have meaning. A new societal contract would have to be made by world citizens (with the capacity to think, plan and act globally). This means planning and implementing not for a country, not for a religion, not for an elite, etc. but for earth citizens. Does it really take the arrival of aliens for us to feel earthlings and save our home?  A value-based system where the culture of an area has an important role to play but where cronyism, wealth, and violence are not the drivers. The weight put on knowledge, passion, courage, knowledge, empathy, hard work, etc. would be culture specific.
  • How can we prepare for Digitalisation and the Future of Work? 

(i) Exploring and implementing true transparency, (ii) Creating a level playing field, globally to allow for the best solutions to be used, (iii) Giving the chance for and valuing individuals who can create and implement a human digitalisation, that is individuals with the abilities of a global citizen. This of course will need to be define and redefined and reredefined and that's not only OK but needed.
  • Why is International co-operation important for our time?

 (i) Several critical issues of our time are at an earth level, although implementation may be local, tackling them at a country level creates an un-level playing field which is the main barrier to sustainability (including attaining the SDGs) and a humane world, (ii) Globalization is more than ever like gravity (Annan), that is, it is a loss of energy to fight it, therefore we ought to prepare ourselves to manage a humane globalization and that asks for cooperation, where the goal is not anymore to achieve a compromise between A and B, but a cooperation where we create C together where all get 100% of what they want as oppose to the crude notion of compromise, (iii) all this needs two things to work a) a better wealth distribution which will lower the chance for a people/country to choose violent/socio-pathological leaders (See the no asshole rule by Sutton), teach in schools the abilities needed to nurture diversity, ethics, empathy,etc., teaching aspects we have eliminated 30 years ago from our school systems, worldwide, thinking that this would give us a focused workforce. How wrong we were is shown by where we are. And a few other aspects that would be beyond the scope of this comment :-)


Friday, June 15, 2018

The choice between nationalism and diversity, a choice toward making it as a species or....not

Dictatorship (Turkey Russia, China,, etc.) are good at managing uniformity while democracies (Europe, NAFTA, Japan Australia, etc.) are good at managing diversity. Unfortunately, the unbridled capitalism of the last 20 years is unsustainable for mankind and the environment and worldwide discontent is growing. But the actual path forward is one backward: return to oligarchy and dictatorship, including nationalism.
Life history is a development from a survival focused on the individual to  a survival focused on the many. Bee colonies for example, although evolutionary speaking an extraordinary achievement in terms of evolution, fall short in many aspects, not the least because of its low value for the individual., which at the end spells  extinction for many hives. Without entering further into the value of creativity and value (which is an individual characteristics before it can be summed for a society), in spite of the fact that managing uniformity has demonstrated its evolutionary and social disadvantages when compared to the management of diversity, we are tempted to go back to dictatorship when confronted with the damage done by asocial capitalism. As a note asocial capitalism is in every dictatorship, just well hidden.
The point is that for Europe and other democracies now to go back to dictatorship and nationalism (uniformity) is to go away from the only advantage won over the years, the only advantage we have over dictatorship, and the only tool to manage a sustainable just, thriving society. The existing dictatorships have a much longer experience and are at better at it than any democracy can ever be if they try to go back. It should be clear that in a global setting there is nothing for democracies to get from such a backward movement.   Additionally, democracies have a great base to further develop managing diversity in a more human way. Evolutionary speaking, it is clear that managing diversity is the path,  if we are to make it as a species.  Just as a reminder, dictatorship (being ruled by a few) was a natural first step of our early socialization (whatever the rule, i.e. tribal or religious leaders), but now societies around the word are beyond this: communism, tribalism, Patriarchalism, and value-less capitalism are imploding.
More than ever, we need to have the courage to move forward (managing diversity) instead of the “known” backward  (dictatorship/nationalism). Tools like Swarmship are being used with enormous success where they are developed and used. They ask for a value-based system, as oppose to a power/richness based-system and the few profiting from the present force/violence system are not really willing to let go.  The point is that even for them there is no future. Nevertheless, Swarmship has a gentle force (true strength , since violence is only the illusion of strength) through which we progressively  as a society (as  a whole ) can move toward a more humane social state. This will allow for the use of the talent/education/experience/dedication/courage/creativity of the group as oppose to the power of the few. 
What is needed for this to occur more rapidly as earth and conflicts have that forward timelessness? Each and every one of us needs to move from our inner fear of change and diversity to the capacity to look and engage with diversity (without fear nor violence). Without these abilities, which are part of global citizen abilities, it is not possible for an individual the engage diversity authentically. Contrary to math and languages we have not been trained to be good at these but the training format is known for about 30 years as it has been developed by a few development aid institutions who wanted their development workers to work at eye to eye level with the partners in the country where they were sent  in order to create the beginning of a level playing field (which is also so dearly needed in the trade area).
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